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the writings and graphics of intrenches, spurtle + aspenfallen.
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16th-Oct-2010 10:44 pm - 21 youtube icons
mindy + danny
02 alex day
01 charlie mcdonnell & hank green
06 charlie mcdonnell
12 saskia hamilton music video

i've only ever seen her name on a spineCollapse )
28th-Aug-2010 11:10 pm - fic: dream big
mindy + danny
Title: dream big
Rating: PG
Pairing: David Cook/Tom Hardy, slight Andy Skib/Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Word Count: 393
Disclaimer: Fiction. Obvious fic title is obvious and stolen from a song by David Cook.
Summary: Andy catches David looking at inappropriate pictures at work.
A/N: This is all because of spurtle . And by the way, the ~pictures~ mentioned in the fic are here and yeah, they're NSFW.

IT'S NOT PORN.Collapse )

1st-Jul-2010 11:02 pm - american idol s7 mp3 cover art
mindy + danny
I got bored today and this is what happened.
They're quite basic and not really frilly, but if you got sick of staring at the generic blue cover art like me, you're free to snag these.

+ 3 brooke white
+ 3 carly smithson
+ 3 david cook
+ 3 michael johns
+ 1 david archuleta
+ 1 danny noriega
+ 1 ramiele malubay
+ 1 kristy lee cook
+ 1 chikezie

you'll always be my babyCollapse )
6th-Mar-2010 11:51 pm - // affiliates
mindy + danny
Late post is late.

If you would like to affiliate with experations , please leave a comment. ♥

affiliates.Collapse )
24th-Feb-2010 02:45 am - fic: incarcerate
! DC _ brush it off
Authors: clarkangel & aspenfallen
Rating: NC-17 overall
Summary: David and Michael find themselves trapped by circumstances beyond their control. To say anything more would give away the plot.
Author's Note: This is my first fanfiction EVER! Sweet. clarkangel writes the odd chapters and I write the even ones. :3
Warnings: There is rape and non-con scenarios involved, but know that in the end it's all about the Mavid. Oh, and David has a dirty, dirty mouth.

Chapters List.Collapse )

Note: Originally posted on the_flyboys -- if you're not a member but wish to read this, reply to this post or send me a message and I'll stop being a tard and repost it fully here.
24th-Feb-2010 02:41 am - fic: dance/sex machines
! DC _ brush it off
Title: Dance Sex Machines
Author: clarkangel & aspenfallen
Rating: NC-17!
Summary: The long debated answer to how the Mavid dances truly come about and/or what precedes or succeeds them.
Disclaimer: I hate disclaimers. This is fiction, boo. :I
Warnings: This isn't beta'd! And there's way too much smut!
A/N: Merlin wrote parts 1, 4, and 6, and Aspen wrote 2, 3, and 5. Thanks again to apathyxurgency for the GIFs and info!

1.) Beginning/Robot
2.) Leg Guitar
3.) Terrible Towel
4.) Titanic
5.) Cheerleaders
6.) Mavid Paddles

Note: I'm not going to repost each chapter here unless requested to do so. So if you can't view them because you're not a member of /the_flyboys, reply to this thread and I'll get off my lazy ass and post them.
24th-Feb-2010 02:38 am - fic: like this
! DC _ brush it off
Title: Like This
Rating: PG-13
Summary: David hates being sick. Most of the time.
Disclaimer: This is gay, gay fiction!
Word Count: 490

Brownie points to all those who give Merlin a shout-out. ♥Collapse )
24th-Feb-2010 02:36 am - fic: cologne
! DC _ brush it off
Title: Cologne
Rating: PG
Summary: He hates that he wants him to notice, and he hates him more for actually doing so.
Disclaimer: This is gay, gay fiction!
Word Count: 401
Author's Note: Since this was a prompt pixie_wings_xo sent me, I'm dedicating this to her~

You don't do it on purpose but you make me shake ;;Collapse )
24th-Feb-2010 02:35 am - fic: pescar
! DC _ brush it off
Title: Pescar
Drabble series: Vacación (1/3)
Rating: PG
Summary: Mavid fishing
Disclaimer: Fiction
Word Count: 821

Un cielo azul y dos corazones enamorados ;;Collapse )
24th-Feb-2010 02:34 am - fic: abrazarse
! DC _ brush it off
Title: Abrazarse
Drabble Series: Vacación (2/3)
Rating: PG
Summary: Mavid hammock snuggling
Disclaimer: Fiction
Word Count: 413
Author's Note: Dedicated to Merlin because I loves her somethin' awful.

Tú eres mi calor ;;Collapse )
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